The rise of 3D Printing – the Future of Construction

The construction industry is in the era of transformation and with introduction of 3D printing technology, which has the potential to revolutionize the industry. This technology offers freedom of design, reduces material waste, and most importantly reduces construction time. It enables the creation of complex architectural forms that would be challenging to achieve with traditional methods.

3D Printer’s Layer by layer technique – enables 3d printer for construction process once the design is ready. The printer deposits material, such as concrete and other materials, in a controlled manner based on the instructions from the digital blueprint. And finally, it builds the structure layer by layer with predefined blueprints. More on this, the best 3D printers for architecture are either SLA/DLP or FFF/FDM. Earlier its uses plastic filament materials while the latter uses resin materials, which is recommended if you want your model to have a high level of detail.

Dubai’s 3D Printing Strategy 2030

The construction is getting 3D remodelling. The city is the first on the earth in the history to adopt the certification system in adaptive technology.  The 3d Printing Companies in Dubai are getting this opportunity and preparing to build and lure the investors in the city. As per the Emirates News Agency, the municipal authority has introduced this certification system to enhance the quality of concreate mixes in factories and streamed line related processes. In addition, 3D Printing Strategy 2030 focuses on implementation of around 25% 3D printed buildings by 2030.

Scale Model Dubai property reaches new heights

It is impossible to visit one of the Dubai’s many malls without witnessing dozens of scale-model skylines displayed in glass cases, capturing the Dubai’s ongoing obsession with real estate. And many of these models are far from miniature. Scale Model helps to overcome communication barriers and minimize issues to often comes from different perceptions regarding the project. Ideally, Architectural model making is an integral part of the design process as it helps architects and designers explore project potential and visualize the outcome. If you want get it by done through our expertise feel free to contact us. We are the best Architectural model making in Dubai.

In the era of innovation, advance in technology and a lot of research, where the capability of cities to undertake large-scale construction is often at its minimum, Dubai’s commitment to its long term 3D printing strategy 2030 provides something to be optimistic about. The introduction of 3D printing certification system is not simply a local development; it is potentially a preview into the future of construction technology and employment on a global scale.

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